5 steps of a successful blog owner

Friends, if you want to make a blog, and you want to earn money from that blog, then today we are going to tell people about how to create a blog (how to create a blog). There are five such steps to create a blog, if you follow, your blog will become very popular in a while and you will earn a lot of money from it.

The blog is a business that earns money for you, but when it is done correctly. If you do not do it properly then you can not be successful enough in this business. And on the Internet, they will continue to find out how to earn money from the blog?

But that does not mean that you will be successful in the night. But if you start with a planning you will get success.
If you really want to create a blog, then you are at the right place, and you can do this article How to Create a Blog (How To Make a Blog). You can start a blog by reading it.

5 steps of a successful blog owner

Today in this article we will tell you 5 steps you have to follow, and you will become the owner of a successful blog.

  1. Choose market
  2. Setup Blog
  3. Create Content
  4. Monetize
  5. Syndicate

Step-1 : Choose Market

Here its meaning or meaning is from your blog topic, on which topic you want to blog, what is its market value. Now you can take advantage of two things to choose from.

  1.   Passion .
  2.   Knowledge

1- Passion

Blogging is such a thing in which you can reduce money by telling people about your passion.
But before you ask yourself whether your passion is worth making money. What is its market value? Would your passion be loved?
You have to find the answer to all these questions. If the answer to these questions is positive then you can use it for blogging.

2- Knowledge

If you want to use your knowledge for blogging instead of your passion, then first of all try to prove that how you can benefit your Knowledge logo.
Will you be able to solve people’s problems on any topic related to your knowledge? Or will you be able to help the people with your information?

Step-2 : Setup Blog

When you select the market, then your second step is to step up your blog.
When you are going to set up a blog, here also you should take care of the two types of blogs that you want to start.

  1. Free blogging platform (Create a Blog for free)
  2. Paid blogging platform

1- Free blogging platform  (Create a Blog for free)

If you are thinking of creating a free blog then I would recommend that you buy at least one domain name.
You start at your free blog, blogger.com. Why start blog only on blogger.com? Because it’s a blogging platform created by google, which is quite secure. And you attach it to your domain.
The biggest problem for free blog is that if you do not follow the rules of the blogging platform, then it can shut down your blog anytime, and you can not do anything.

2- Paid Blogging platform

If you can spend more money in blogging, then I would advise you to start your blog on wordpress.
You need to get a domain name and a hosting space for paid platform. You have to make annual payments.
The specialty of paid platform is that you have complete control over it. And no one can stop it.

Step-3 : Create Content

When you set up your blog, the third step is to create the content, because the visitor will come only for content and when they do not get the content they will not be able to come back to the blog again.
Before writing content, you must make a few pages such as about us, contact us, privacy policy, disclaimer etc. How to write high quality content?
Now in front of you is the question of what content is written-

  1. News
  2. Reviews
  3. List
  4. Guides

You can write one of these four types of content to your blog for all types of content.
You can prepare content on any one of these or rotate based on your knowledge or passion.
Whenever you write content, keep in mind that the topic on which your content is written should be covered with that topic and not less than 700 words.
And when your blog has 30 to 40 content, then you’re ready to monetize now.

Step-4: Monetize

Now you have to monetize it to earn money from your blog, because if you do not monetize it, then you can not make money from it.
Blogs can monetize you in three ways

  1. Adsense 
  2. Affiliate 
  3. Direct Sell Your Ad Space

1- adsense

Almost all bloggers have the first choice, they monetize their blog with adsense. Because it is a very trusted advertiser in the online world, and if you do not elaborate on its rules, then this money is paid.

2- Affiliate

When you monetize your blog in this manner, then when you sell and sell that company’s product through your blog, you get a percentage of commission on every single sell, in which case you will be affiliate.

3- Direct Sell Your Ad Space

If your blog has become quite popular, you can direct it to the advertiser and sell your blog’s ad space directly to them, and earn money from it.
But for this you must have a great traffic on your blog

Step -5: Syndicate

Now you should be thinking what syndicate means here, you know that this syndicate is made from mixing two things.

  1. Create Brand
  2. Promote Your blog post on social media
  3. Offline Promotion

1- Create Brand

To create a brand means that you create a page in the name of your blog on the social website like facebook, twitter, g +, pineterest, linkedin etc. And do her daily maintenance.

2- Promote Your blog post on social media

Whenever you publish any content on your blog, you must share it on social media.
Because you will get traffic or visitor on your blog only when people will know about your blog, if people do not know about your blog then who will read your content.

3- Offline Promotion

If you can spend money, then you can advertise it in news paper. Can promote it in a magazine.


We hope to start your question blog? You might have got the answer, this article will be very helpful in starting your blog. If any one follows these 5 best method then it will be easy to start a blog. I hope that today’s my post is how to create a blog (how to create a blog) you must have liked the logo. Share it with your friends on social media.



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